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About Gilgit Baltistan

DISCOVER the ROOF OF THE WORLD ,with Shangrila Tours, where we will take you on a unforgettable journey, where once famous personalities like Alexander the Great , Marco Polo ,Chinese Budhist pilgrims Fa hien and Hiuen Tsang , and many other foreigners traveled.

Where the 3 highest mountain ranges meet, The Himalayas, The Hindukush and The Karakorams along side the famous Indus River ,not to mention the pre-historic rock carvings along the ancient silk route transformed into The 8th Wonder of the World , the famous Karakoram Highway before which you can travel via the Babusar Pass ( 12000 feet) a new and shorter route by passing through the enchantingNaran and Kaghan ,a beautiful tourist haven, where Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Lalusar lake are situated, after which you descend into Daimer( GILGIT-BALTISTAN ) from where you will enter into some of the most beautiful breathtaking mesmerizing places in the world , firstly witnessing a striking image of Nanga Parbat ( The 9th Highest Mountain in the World ) also known as the Killer Mountain which was 1stsummited by an Austrian climber Herman Bhul in 1954 , where the popular tourist sight FAIRYMEADOW , a lush green landscape which over looks Nanga Parbat is situated . Truly a trekkers paradise !
This Western Himalayan belt with its thick emerald forested trees and ice blue lakes and chilly climatic conditions ,a refuge from the extreme summer heat , the Astore valley once the headquarters of the 1948 Liberation War of Gilgit -Baltistan , one can visit the Rama Lake and also witness the 500 feet ice wall from Rupal face of Nanga Parbat , further ahead ,the 2nd Highest Deosai Plateau in the world is situated,now a National Park where you can see the Sheosar Lake and beautiful natural botanical gardens fields and also the home to the famous brown bears .
GILGIT city mentioned by Marco Polo as “ Noisy with kingdoms “ who passed through this region in the 13th century historically speaking. Rarely mentioned, Gilgit was also ruled from 1638 to 1668 by a Reformer Queen Malika Jawar Khatoon .She belonged to the Tarakhan dynasty. Also visit the Kargah Buddha a 7th century rock carving and the sacred rocks of Danyore from the Tibetan rule era.
Further North on the K.K.H witness Naltar Valley the Rakaposhi and Golden peaks of Nagar after which you enter Hunza Valley, a tourist friendly place of Karimabad where you can visit the historic Altit and Baltit Forts or trek to Ultar Peak .Further North see Attabad Lake ,Passu Glacier and Gulmit finally reaching the Highest International Border crossing in the World , The Khunjerab Pass ( 16,000 ft) Pakistan –China border, also see the Khunjerab National Park the home to Snow Leapards , Marco Polo Sheep and the Ibex.

BEAUTIFUL BALTISTAN , where the International Award winning Shangrila Resort is situated truly a “Heaven On Earth”, nestled high in the Karakorams mountain range, is a heart shaped lake ,surrounded by fruit orchards , green meadows , forested trees and abundant natural beauty.Further on you can see Skardu city the gateway to the, K-2 the 2ndhighest peak of the world , G-1 ,G-2 and Broad Peak all above 8000 metres.Before this awe-inspiring natural wonder visit Shigar and Khaplu Valleys, where remnants of the past princely states are present . The place where POLO, a world famous sport came into existence called PAULO in Balti language. See Sadpara Lake and budhist carvings, Kharpacho Fort , Shigar Fort, Khaplu Fort and a 400 year old Chakchan Masjid rich in history and culture.

Returning to the K.K.H by-passing Gilgit you can visit Phandur Lake Ghizer , a fisherman’s paradise with brown trout in plentifull. Further south in season witness the world famous Shandur Polo and travel through the Lowari Tunnel to the former Princely state of Chitral, where Tirich Mir the highest mountain of the Hindu Kush Range is present , further on visit the Kalash Tribes , the Descendants of Alexander The Great’s Army .

SWAT once a princely state also known as the Switzerland of Pakistan can also be mentioned as the part of the ROOF OF THE WORLD , its natural beauty is 2nd to none ,an ultimate attraction for nature explorers with it lush green mountainous landscapes, aqua blue streams complimented by its rich history of Gandhara Art .Once a battle ground of Alexander The Great’s Army this land boasts to be rich in
culture and heritage, which can be seen at the local museum. Other popular tourist attractions are Fiza Ghat, Kalam ,Mahudand Lake and Malam Jabba .
Ancient relics and beautifully wooden carved doors and local art are found as you unlock the mysteries of the past !

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