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Fairymeadows Inn Hotel & Restaurant is situated at the junction point of GILGIT-BALTISTAN on the famous Karakoram Highway . A perfect stop over and rest point for families and tourist travelling to Skardu,Ghanche, Shigar , Astore, Hunza,Nagar, Khunjerab Pass ( China Border) Diamer and Ghizer valleys and especially for tourist trekking to the Nanga Parbat base camp and Fairymeadows. Nanga Parbat is ( 26,660 ft) above sea level.


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Pakistan has the 3 highest mountain ranges in the world –himalayas , karakoram & hindukush . The biggest glacier system outside the polar region –baltoro glacier has 8 of the world’s 30 highest peaks .
Pakistan has eight of the world’s above 8000’er peaks –k-2,g-1,g-2,broad peak & nanga parbat. Deosai plains is the 2nd highest plateau in the world.
Khunjerab pass / china border with pakistan is the highest border crossing in the world.
K-2 ( 8125 m ) is the 2nd highest peak in the world .
First italian and first man in the world to summit k-2.
Nanga parbat is the 9th highest peak in the world.
A.f mummery was the first westerner to attempt to climb nanga parbat in 1895.
Herman bhul the first austrian & first man in the world to summit nanga parbat without oxygen.
Alexander the great crossed over the hindu kush range into this region in 325 bc.
Marco polo called this area “ noisy with kingdoms “
t.g montgomerie was the first to note the cluster of peaks in a survey naming them k-1,k-2,k-3,k-4 in 1856.
Colonel godwin austin climbed 600m above the camp and witnessed the mighty k-2 in 1861.
Lietenant francis young husband was the first british spy to exploring the karakoram and hindukush mountain ranges and the first westerner to visit shimshal valley in 1889.
Mike banks & tom petty of the british royal navy were the first to climb rakaposhi peak .
Queen malika jawar was the first woman to rule gilgit from 1638 to 1668 and was the architect behind the construction of the gilgit water channel.
Hassan sadpara was the first pakistani to summit six 8000der peaks without oxygen.
Nazir sabir was the first pakistani to summit mt.everest the world’s highest peak .
Ashraf aman was the first pakistani to summit k-2 .
Samina beg was the first pakistani woman to summit mount everest the world’s highest peak.
The karakoram highway is the 8th wonder of the world.

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